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Dedicated Instructors


Certified NRA & USCCA Instructors who have a passion for firearm training,  gun safety including concealed carry classes. 

High-Quality Equipment

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We have an excellent selection of firearms that we use in our training. As well as sirt guns, laser guns with targets and MantisX training system.  We focus on quality, reliable brands such as Springfield Armory, Smith & Wesson, Walthers and Glocks. 

Our Motto

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Our motto is Confidence, Safety, Skill.  Our firearm training instructors are dedicated to teaching and continuing education to expand their knowledge, skill and attitude for gun safety and handling.


Concealed Carry Certification

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We offer Delaware Concealed Carry Classes or CCDW and MD Wear & Carry. We are certified firearm trainers with the state of Delaware and Maryland as an approved firearm instructor.  This course is a minimum of 8 hours.  We help you successfully complete the steps to getting your permit. We also offer AZ add on to expand your reciprocal map. 

Home Defense


Preparation is key when it comes to Home Defense. Do you have a plan for you and your family?  A qualified firearm training instructor can help you make your home safer so that you can make quick decisions that will comply with the law. Gun Safety first including concealed carry classes.

Refresher Course

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Whether you have been shooting for years or months, continuing education and practice is the key to improving your skill level and accuracy.  Situational training, shooting positions, on-the-move training are just some of the ways to become a better shooter.

We ALSO Offer....

Woman Only Classes

firearm training

Firearm training for Women by Women

in a safe and friendly environment

Eddie Eagle Program

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Gun Safety for children should be a priority. Teach them right from the start

NRA Basic Pistol Classes

shooting range

Take the  first step to becoming a safe, knowledgable gun owner and user. 

Maryland HQL


Take the first step to gun ownership in the state of Maryland

Family Bookings


Families who shoot together survice together.  We love teaching family units.

Maryland Wear & Carry


A comprehensive course to help you obtain your MD Wear & Carry permit.

Site Content

2nd Amendment Defenders

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We keep our clients informed on important pending legislation, pro-gun right rallies and other current events that affect your 2nd Amendment rights.

Coming Events

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We may be just starting out but we will be updating our class schedule monthly to bring you quality, gun safety training and share our passion with others. Located near Selbyville, Delaware


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"I went from being very nervous, to feeling confident I could use my firearm safely and accurately for self-defense. Looking forward to continuing my practice and consistently hitting that target from 45 feet!"  MLT

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If  you have questions about our  programs, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as  soon as possible.

Freedom Tactical

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